Three tools, one purpose - Performance.

Think of Spotlight as a framework for thinking, memorable tools that create adaptability through insight and perspective.

The Spotlight tools focus on unlocking people’s potential and is rigorously underpinned by research and applied experience.

Spotlight as a frameworkSpotlight Tools


Creating self-awareness through understanding your performance preferences is what SpotlightPROFILE is all about.

Based on the science of psychology and decades worth of experience in elite sport, SpotlightPROFILE is designed to be practical, memorable, and relevant to the modern world.

Going beyond behavioural style, Spotlight also profiles mindset and provides insight into what drives the behaviour that we see. Put simply, some people are trying to win, whilst others are trying not to lose – with both proving to be successful strategies when applied skilfully.

Unlike more traditional profiling tools, Spotlight is less about ‘where you are’ and much more about ‘where you can get to’.

Use SpotlightPROFILE to enhance;

Individual Performance

Understand and tackle blind spots that hold individuals back.

Team Meetings

Enhance the efficiency and team effectiveness of meetings.


Build stronger team relationships, respecting and understanding your peers more.

Shared Mindset

Forge a common language and a shared mindset across the business.


Radically improves the impact of coaching conversations

Spotlight Team Maps

Using the insight from a teams SpotlightPROFILEs, Team Maps plot the collective individual preferences of a team, showcasing a team's natural strengths and opening thinking on leveraging these strengths. A powerful visualisation that creates thinking around what types of solutions might a team favour in the face of challenge while highlighting the perspectives that may not be considered and need to be developed by the team and the business.

Team Maps create an understanding of how a team may need to flex to achieve goals and plans and opens group coaching and development conversations with a neutral language around strengths, overplaying and counter-weighting.

Use Team Maps to

Form Team Strategies

Identify areas of strength and weakness, taking your team to the next level.

Find Your Empty Chair

A powerful tool to identify the types of characteristics that may be missing from your team and business.

Build Stronger Teams

Facilitate more adaptable thinking that makes the team more resilient and considered in the collective approach.

Inform Recruitment

By understanding a team’s performance preferences, this tool can inform the interview questioning to strengthen a team.

Spotlight Team Maps


Building upon the breakthroughs from SpotlightPROFILE, SpotlightDYNAMICS is a performance-focused team measurement tool that quantifies psychological safety and eight key areas of team dynamics.

This performance-focused tool helps take teams to another level, leveraging team strengths whilst avoiding the potential dysfunctions that can undermine team performance.

A snapshot in time measures a team’s dynamics, providing a strategic plan to take the team to the next level of performance.

Use SpotlightDYNAMICS to

Understand and Target

Identify areas of focus and create strategic recommendations

Assess Psychological Safety

A fundamental element of driving high levels of team performance and integrity.

Team Engagement

Explores the critical team dynamics that drive performance, engagement and effectiveness.

Measure Impact

Measuring and review progress following performance interventions.

Spotlight Development

Spotlight Development

With remote working very much here to stay, along with increasing levels of change to our day-to-day lives, we all need more significant levels of collaboration, adaptability, and resilience more than ever if we are to maintain both performance and wellbeing.

Our Spotlight Development sessions are designed to bring together individual SpotlightPROFILE and or SpotlightDYNAMICS to help you build on the learnings and benefit from working as a team in an open and transparent session.

Use our development sessions to

  • Develop the psychological safety of a team.
  • Increase personal awareness of individual preferences and strengths.
  • Understand how to appreciate each other’s strengths and blind spots.
  • Improve team collaboration and communication.
  • Learn how to build an environment that gets the best from everyone.
  • Recognise your team’s collective strengths and blind spots.
  • Create individual, and team development plans to deliver sustained success.

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    Arrange your performance health check today.

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