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Is there a skills gap looming in your business? Do you have lots of good people 'in the wings' but are reluctant to promote them as they don’t have the skills or behaviours to be a great line or team manager?

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Friday at Five

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Perception is more than what you do

September has been a great month! I’ve worked with a number of teams and business leaders, and the salient point of the month was around perception, and how it's formed. Through workshops and 1:1s, teams have developed a bigger picture of perception, this was focused on not what they were doing, but how they were doing it.

We completed a number of activities to help team members see if how they could raise their perception to clients, peers and senior leadership by showcasing their already great work, giving visibility and confidence to stakeholders with fantastic results all round.

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A refreshing perspective - Wellness is paramount in the future of work

With the rise of technology and artificial intelligence, work is becoming more fluid, adaptable, and collaborative, and it requires constant learning. As work tasks – blue, white, and gray collar – are increasingly borne by computers and machines, human beings add value by complementing and harnessing technologies and by being creative, innovative, perceptive, intuitive, empathetic, and adaptable. We need to be in a good state of physical, mental, and emotional wellness to be able to bring these qualities to work each day. In order to survive and thrive in the future, businesses and organizations will need to harness the potential of wellness by aligning work environments and cultures with workers’ personal values, motivations, and wellness needs.

Global Wellness Institute, The Future of Wellness at Work, January 2016



It may be Friday 13th but it's still Friday!


Friday at Five has hit a six-month milestone and I’m sitting here on a Friday as it draws closer to Five reflecting on the journey so far.

It’s been an amazing six months that stretch far beyond my initial expectations. Self-belief is an interesting part of this journey, trusting yourself to challenge the fundamental structure of work i.e. gainful employment and 9-5 and leaping into the unknown with oodles of knowledge and a strong belief in how engagement and excellence can make teams, clients and business great.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in a number of businesses and have met over 200 new people in the past six months, I’ve remembered just about everyone's name too! These wonderful people have given me the pleasure of delivering them information about the business, consultancy on their businesses, training fabulous teams or coaching individuals. A number of others have enriched my time by offering advice and guidance of the evolution of Friday at Five. Everyone has made the past six months exceptionally rewarding and for that, I’m very grateful, thank you.

As for the next six months, I’m truly excited, with lots of great opportunities in the wings and many more people to meet I know it will keep me positively challenged.

So at the end of this working week, I’ve made time for positive reflection, and it’s one of achievement and success - giving me a better relationship with Friday at Five.

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